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Investment in a state of the art s orting facility

Dear customers

in order to meet your high qualitiy requirements of ultra high purity and germination capicity relating to our seeds we are proud to announce an absolute exciting innovation. We have
made an investment to an optical color sorter named OS F 30 of Pektus Technology Ltd.

This high-performance sorter will be ready for use at the beginning of the following purification season. From October 2023 on this sorter takes our processing to the next level.
Because of this innovative technology we are able to achieve more efficient and precise purifications. This gives us the opportunity to offer the optimum quality of seeds.

This ist an investment of Europe and the Free State of Thuringia into rural areas.

We want to express our greatest gratitude that the Free State of Thuringia and the thuringian ministry of infrastructure and agriculture supported this investment with a project funding. This is a funding for agricultural enterprises. An acquisition like this would not have been possiblewithout this financial support.

We look forward to further improve the qualitiy of our seeds and we want to thank all our customers for your confidence in our products.

For more Information visit our intewrnational Website @  Pharmasaat.de

Kind regards from Artern





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